Cachaça AGUACANA, alk. 37.5%, 0.7 l

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Značka: Bardinet
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Cachaça Aguacana comes from Brazil and is made exclusively from pure sugar cane juice from the sunny plantations.

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Cachaça is a Brazilian eau-de-vie obtained by fermenting sugar cane juice. Distilled directly to the desired degree and bottled immediately, it is distinguished from agricultural rum, which is distilled to a higher degree, by more “dry” aromatic notes.

Ideal for cocktails, Aguacana Cachaça offers a bouquet of fruity and aromatic flavours. Its success comes from its simplicity and from the famous, popular cocktail made with lime, the Caïpirinha. The Cachaça Aguacana also mixes very well with exotic fruit juices for 100% Brazilian cocktails!